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Obama: a British perspective

Although many Americans have come to be anti-Obama, there are many across the world that would kill to have him as their political leader.

Obamacare, Obama’s US healthcare reform is one of the pioneering ideas Obama has implemented in his time in office. Helping bring those in need affordable healthcare, it resembles similarities to the UK’s own NHS. The NHS is a publicly funded service providing healthcare to all those in the country, saving millions of lives every year. Without the NHS, millions of UK citizens would struggle to afford the life saving treatments offered to us each day. The Obamacare system is a wonderful idea to those of us who benefit from a publicly funded system, however so many Americans seem against it.

In 2011, the final lot of troops left Iraq. The end of the war in Iraq was ordered by Obama, pulling all troops from the country. Some believe this may have been a mistake, allowing ISIS to make their mark in the country, however during 2011, ISIS was not the organization that we know it to be now, with ISIS only truly using that identity in 2014. So after removing the threat of Osama Bin Laden, surely Obama cannot be blamed for the rise of ISIS, but instead be praised for the removal of beloved troops?

Obama worked to allow women who were being paid less than their male counterparts the ability to sue their employers. Regardless of nationality, a push for gender equality was important, and allowing women access to their equal rights within pay was a big step for a country that is considered liberal already.

There are so many things Obama has done, far too many to list, and far too many to thank him for. But even from an island in Europe, we should all be thankful for Obama too.



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