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How To Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

Pretty much everyone makes them, and not so many keep them, but what’s the secret to keeping your new years resolution? How can we increase our chances of becoming successful? Here are a few notes on how to survive your resolution.

  • First of all, consider what you want to achieve and make sure you are doing it for yourself. It’s no good doing something because your partner or family members want you to, because in that you are more likely to give up. If it is something that you truly want, your motivation will be considerably higher, pushing you towards your own goal.
  • Set targets for yourself that are achievable in order to reach your goals more easily. If you’re trying to lose weight, suddenly going to the gym 100 times a week will do you more damage than good and you’re likely to burn yourself out, but by starting slowly and working your way up, you can achieve anything. Remember, good things come to those that persevere.
  • Understand that you can make errors and mistakes some of the time. So what that you caved and had a cigarette today? Get back on the horse tomorrow. The important thing here is that you don’t fall short at the first hurdle, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Don’t punish yourself for failure.
  •   Keep a note of your achievements and let yourself have a reward every now and again. Treat yourself!
  • Remember that anything is possible, you can be exactly who you want; sometimes it just takes some time.
  • And always have fun.

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