Reasons to stay alive

When I first read Matt Haig’s ‘reasons to stay alive’ during the summer of 2016, I was intrigued by the self help book. I’m often dubious of things that say they’re going to make me feel a way or do something, but I was pleasantly surprised with Matt.

Upon opening those pages I saw what i can only describe as a bigger picture. It gave me a new perspective on something I thought I knew a lot about, and for that I am grateful.

Matts book discusses his experiences with depression, and shares quality information and coping strategies for those suffering. Although not a sufferer myself, I was keen to get an insight into something a few of my friends suffered. It was interesting, excruciatingly detailed but most of all real, Haig’s testimony is brutally honest and unapologetic; exactly what we need when discussing these particular issues.

I have taken a lot away from the book, as well as the annoying habit of recommending it to my family and friends alike. Of course your own personal journey is what’s important, and I truly feel that’s what Haig was trying to get across.



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