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Following 19 year old Simone Biles phenomenal performance at the 2016 summer Olympics, it’s a wonder that there are any boundaries left for her to push professionally. With four gold medals and a bronze at the games, she was a credit to her national team and soon became one of the most talked about athletes within her country. But now it appears there is more glory for Simone, winning the Associated Press sportswoman of the year. Beating out Serena Williams and Katie Ledecky, it’ll certainly be a great end to the year for the teenager.

Starting her gymnastics career at the age of 6, Biles quickly moved her way up the gymnastics hierarchy, going to junior national camps at the age of 14. Sticking with gymnastics, her achievements became even more impressive, with a streak of victories at gymnastic meets.

More than anything though, Simone Biles is a great example of the achievements one can obtain if commitment and focus are up kept. A great role model to young gymnasts and non gymnasts alike, Simone is an incredible young woman and her talents shine through.


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