Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is one of the most magical nights of the year: anticipation for the next morning, cute family traditions and leaving a mince pie out for Santa. I, for one, love to spend Christmas with some of my closest family, you know, just doing Christmas family things. Here are some of the things we get up to:

  1. Baking Christmas cookies

In my family, we’ve always loved to bake, and why should Christmas be any different? There is nothing better than sitting down in the evening with a few Christmas tree shaped cookies and a small nightcap of Baileys.

2. Hanging up stockings

Stockings are great and to me, one of the ultimate icons of Christmas time. As children, we were always told that we’d get coal if we stayed awake, and like the rule following child I was, I never did.

3. Putting out a mince pie and whisky for Santa

It’s been a long journey, can you imagine flying from the North Pole all around the world? The pure stress alone would drive many to drink, so a quick snack and tipple do just the job.

4. Watching classic Christmas movies

Everyone has their own personal favorite Christmas film. Personally i’m a big fan of Jingle All the Way with Arnold Shwartznegger and so every year during our Christmas film vote, that’s what I go for.

5. Christmas Pajamas

This is my favorite thing about Christmas eve. Every year, without fail, my parents would buy me a special pair of Christmas pajamas. When you got into bed that night with a nice new cosy pair of pj’s on, it was just magical.


Of course we are incredibly lucky, and sadly so many people don’t get to experience this kind of Christmas. So just spare a thought for those without family, those that are less fortunate when you carry out your family Christmas this year, and try your best to make everyone feel loved.



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